Beating your date jitters 5 Ways to Beat Your First Date Jitters FDating

Beating your date jitters
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 First dates are nerve-wracking
First dates are nerve-wracking. You can’t predict how the night will go, you don’t know if you’ll have a good time and you’re worried that you won’t have a way out. The good news is that almost everyone feels the same way in the moments leading up to a first date. Following a few easy tips can help relieve most of your first date jitters.

Blast Music

Everyone has their favorite feel-good music.
Before you start getting ready for your date, blast your favorite music and dance. Dancing calms your nerves and puts you in a great mood. Grab a hairbrush like you did when you were a kid and have a karaoke party in front of the mirror. Letting loose and laughing at yourself can certainly help brighten your mood and calm your anxiety.

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 Knock the butterflies out
If you find yoga relaxing on a normal day, you’ll find it particularly useful on the day of your big date. Start your morning off performing yoga poses to a Sound Healing CD. The combination of healing music and relaxing poses helps you knock the butterflies out of your stomach.

Make Plans
Make plans for after your date. This ensures that the date has a time limit, and that you have an out if it goes terribly wrong. On the other hand, if the date goes fantastically well, you have an excuse to plan to get together again.

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 Too many expectations
Be Realistic
One of the reasons that people get so anxious about a date is that they build up too many expectations. Try to be realistic and remember that this is just a first date. The date may lead to more or it may lead to nothing. No matter which way the date turns out, you put yourself out there, and that’s something to be proud of.

Talk to Yourself

Right before you leave the house, pause for a moment and talk to yourself. Breathe slowly and deeply, telling yourself that you can do it. You’re a strong person and you’re taking a brave first step. Positive affirmations might feel a bit silly at first, but the more you practice building yourself up, the more natural and helpful it will feel.

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 Twisted up in knots
Try not to get yourself twisted up in knots over a first date. Calm down, take a moment and remember that you aren’t being asked to come up with a strategy for world peace. You’re going on a first date, nothing more and nothing less.

Rianne Hunter is a wife, mother of three and an avid blogger. She is interested in all things family, relationships, fitness and health.

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